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Pex Industrial: What Makes Us Different

Mar 13, 2019 2:45:44 PM

Pex Industrial is the proud Master Distributor of Pexgol™, PE-Xa pipes: an innovative piping technology known for its versatility, durability and affordability. It’s for these reasons, and many more, Pexgol™ pipe is trusted across the globe. Now gaining traction in North America, we are slowly being recognized as the ideal cross-industry piping solution from coast to coast. 

Here’s what makes us so different: 

Pex Industrial


Pexgol™ pipes are made from cross linked polyethylene Pe-Xa resin. During the manufacturing process, this material is placed under high pressure and temperature – causing an unbreakable connection (cross linking) between the polyethylene molecules in the material itself. Ultimately, the pipe becomes one large unbreakable 3D net of molecules with properties that outperform HDPE and many other commonly used pipe materials. 


Pexgol™ pipes have been proven to surpass other materials (HDPE, steel, alloys and FRP) when it comes to withstanding volatile conditions such as: 

  • Extremely high and low working temperatures: -50°C/-58°F →110°C/230°F
  • Highly abrasive and corrosive environments
  • Varying pH ranges 1.1 > 14.0
  • Direct UV and freezing environments

Pexgol comes equipped with several other key performance advantages including thermal memory, scale build-up resistance and resistance to slow crack growth - all of which increase its reliability.

Flexibility and Installation 

Unlike other piping materials that require a significant amount of installation time and expense, pex Pexgol pipe is a quick, easy and affordable alternative. That’s because Pexgol’s creep resistance and natural flexibility allows it to be coiled in diameters up to 12” dia. as well as easily deployed with minimal hassle. More importantly, this means no fittings or joints requiring additional product and labour. 

Pexgol pipe is also proven to be nearly immune to human error. Highly resistant to impact and improper installation, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our pipe can hold its own on any project. 


Another truly unique aspect of Pexgol pipes is it’s the only PEXa piping solution available in diameters up to and including 28”. From potash and mine dewatering to thermal energy transfer and hydrometallurgy, Pexgol’s versatility lends itself to a wide variety of applications and industries

  • Industrial, Mining and Infrastructure
  • Mineral Processing Hydrometallurgy
  • Slurry Pipelines
  • Process Water
  • Aquaculture
  • Boreholes Pipes
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Oil and Gas pipes
  • District Energy
  • Medium and Low Temperature Hydronic Heating Networks (DE, CHP, BioEnergy)
  • CHP Systems
  • Landfill Gas Collection
  • Low Temperature Condensate Return Systems
  • Chilled Water and Potable Water Distribution Systems (above or below ground)
In short, Pexgol™ pex pipes offer high-value piping solutions by reducing operational and capital expenditures. 

Pex Industrial offers the only piping solution proven to boost operations and system reliability while reducing project capital costs, lost revenue and headaches due to pipe failure. If you would like more information on why pex is the ideal solution for your facility or projects(s) visit our Applications page or book a meeting with us by simply clicking the button below. 

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