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Why Dead Sea Works Uses Pexgol Piping Solutions


  • The Dead Sea’s hot environment and corrosive conditions make potash mining difficult.
  • Golan Plastic introduced PEX-a corrosion-resistant pipes in 1985.
  • Pexgol pipes have cut costs and maintenance time for the Dead Sea Works.


Situated just beside the Dead Sea in Israel, the Dead Sea Works is a veteran potash production plant. The Dead Sea is a huge body of water with highly concentrated brine, carrying potash salts and many other minerals.

How to Improve Brine Solution Mining—and What Pipes to Choose


  • Heated brine increases efficiency and saves money for brine solution mining projects
  • Plant operators should choose pipes that withstand high-temperature media.
  • Steel and metal alloy pipes are expensive and susceptible to corrosion.

Pex Industrial: What Makes Us Different

Pex Industrial is the proud Master Distributor of Pexgol™, PE-Xa pipes: an innovative piping technology known for its versatility, durability and affordability. It’s for these reasons, and many more, Pexgol™ pipe is trusted across the globe. Now gaining traction in North America, we are slowly being recognized as the ideal cross-industry piping solution from coast to coast. 

Here’s what makes us so different: 

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